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Each Hi-Definition body treatment is holistic as it works with your body's natural healing properties. All body treatments are Painless, Non-Invasive and requires No Downtime


Laser Lipo Body Slimming
Cellulite Reduction
Post-Operative Massage
LED Laser Facial & Photon Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Radio Frequency Cavitation
Non-Surgical Laser Facelift MINI
HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift
Acne Treatments 
EMS Muscle Sculpting
Volumizing Vacuum Therapy
Volumizing Buttocks/Breast Enhancement 
Targeted Fat Loss
Body Sculpting
Stretch Mark Correction
B-12 Lipotropic Diet Programs
Electrode Muscle Stimulation
Inner/Outer Thigh Slimming
Loose Skin Tightening & Toning
Wrinkle Reduction
Double Chin Reduction
Scar Reduction
Hyper-pigmentation Correction
Chromotherapy LED Light Body Pod

Body treatments generally provide detoxifying and relaxation benefits using a combination of therapeutic ingredients and excess fluid relieving techniques. The results may be tightened, re-nourished skin, excess fluid loss, increased circulation & adipose tissue loss through the lymphatic system; via your sweat, urine & waste. Staying hydrated throughout this process is vital. Some treatments show quicker results and are more localized than others, simply ask your laser technician which would be best for you. Your intuitive technician takes pride in delivering unique body rituals, drawing on the teachings of ancient masters: detox, deep cleanse, de-stress — the choice is yours, NATURALLY.

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NuYu Body Sculpting is the best!

I felt comfortable with her immediately. I have also seen great results from coming in regularly! I have lost both weight and inches! I highly recommend!!!

Samantha S.

The entire experience is great!

I started to notice changes almost immediately, but when I saw my before and after photos, I couldn’t believe the results! Looking forward to the next treatment!

Lauren W.

Looking my best has never been such a breeze!

Coming to NuYu has by far been an amazing experience and I look forward to coming everytime. Great atmosphere. Tia is really the only one I turn to for transformation!


Having worked for a plastic surgeon

I have to say I was skeptical about the laser lipo procedure. I was so happy I bought the membership so I can keep going. I highly recommend this treatment. There is no pain in fact I usually fall asleep it's so relaxing. Tia is very kind and truly cares about her clients.

Deb F.

Tia is very knowledgeable & friendly!

I already lost 6 pounds in 6 days. My experience the treatments have been amazing. I am reaching my weight and body shaping goals. I highly recommend NuYu Body Sculpting.

Janey R.

NuYu Sculpting Laser Lipo Slimming

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NuYu Radio Frequency Cavitation

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Salon Pro-Portable Radio Frequency Cavitation Device

Maintain Your Body Slimming Results! This device provides the Highest Frequency allowed for self care treatments. Salon Quality, Portable Body Slimming device- that's great for home use or travel. Body contouring- Targeted fat loss treatment- body sculpting and slimming, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, anti wrinkle device.


NuYu Vacuum Therapy (Buttocks, Breasts or Hips)

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NuYu HiFu Non-Surgical Facelift

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NuYu Ultrasonic Cellulite Reduction

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At-Home Full Body Slimming, Weight Loss and Detox Sauna Blanket

This device has been hand picked, curated and is suggested by our clinical director, because the blanket uses advanced heating technology to generate far infrared rays, which penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the body's natural sweat response. This helps to increase blood circulation and metabolism, which in turn can lead to fat burning and weight loss. The heat also helps to loosen up muscles and joints, body detoxification, anti-aging, and skin tightening.


NuYu Loose Skin Tightening & Toning

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NuYu Stretch Mark Correction

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NuYu Post-Op Compression Therapy

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NuYu Body Sculpting

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