Portable Radio Frequency Cavitation Body Slimming Device

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Handheld Ultrasonic Cavitation Device.
Maintain Your Body Slimming Results! This device provides the Highest Frequency allowed for self care treatments. Salon Quality, Portable Body Slimming device- that's great for home use or travel.

Body contouring- Targeted fat loss treatment- body sculpting and slimming, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, anti wrinkle device.

Top Quality Portable Body Slimming device.

Body contouring- Targeted spot treatment- body slimming, skin tightening, anti wrinkle device.

Uses Radio Frequency, Electronic Muscle Stimulation & Infrared Light Therapy to prompt lymphatic drainage, tighten skin, produce targeted fat loss, and body contouring effects.
Can be used on the face for lifting or body for overall skin tightening. 
Helps body produce new collagen and elastin which works to correct acne,dark spots and scars. 

Step 1: put one drop of clean water on probe
Step 2: turn the machine to the max frequncy
Step 3: you will see the water drops vibrates and steam.
Step 4: apply oil or skin cream to skin, then apply to targeted area for 10-15 mins using circular motions.

Package Include:
1 x Main Body
1 x Power Adapter (100-240V)
4 x Electrode
1 × Cable
1 x User Manual