All Natural Rose Quartz, Jade and Onyx Kegel Exercise Yoni Eggs

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A trio of natural rose quartz eggs to awaken a woman's senses. They are recommended for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and encouraging the free flow of sexual energy through the body.

Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are also known to reset and cleanse in addition to relieving discomfort arising from PMS and menopause. Yoni egg use has also been proven to stimulate more natural orgasms and lubrication in addition to improving vaginal blood circulation and dryness overall.

Beware of eggs sold in the market that are altered using chemicals and artificial fillers. We sell only all-natural, pure, ethically sourced crystal yoni eggs that strengthen and tone the pelvic muscle floor. Regular usage can provide incontinence relief and minimize postpartum bladder leaks.

Enhances Vaginal/Sexual Energy and Balances PH

Start slow-- increasing the duration of use and graduating sizes as you train and strengthen your pelvic muscles. 

Clean with only soap and water, air dry. A PH balanced vaginal cleansing soap is recommended.

Pure Onyx and Pure Jade also available 

Yoni Egg Sizes: 45x30mm (L),40x25mm (M).30x20mm (S)